Server Issues

Until January of 2023, I had been running this website thanks to Amazon AWS’s free 12-month EC2 instance and Github Student 1-year free domain. So February 2023 means, I now actually have to pay to keep the website afloat. Domain wasn’t a big deal because I moved it to Google Domains, which provides local pricing. … Read more

Weaboo Pencils

Ok, I’ll admit. I’m obsessed with the mechanical pencils, especially with overengineered Japanese ones. If you ask me how all of this started, I would blame reddit, as as with the every poor financial choice. I used many different mechanical pencils during my school years, from the bottom of the barrel to mid-high tier mildly … Read more

My mpv config

person inserting a videotape into the video player

Hello, this is a quick post to post my mpv.conf file. During my years of mpv usage I found out that these settings are the ones that best suited to me. Most of them blatantly stolen from “I am Scum … and so are you.“. Also this is nowhere near a guide. I’m doing this … Read more

Maus II – Summary and Character Analysis

Cover artwork of Maus II: A Survivor's Tale: And Here My Troubles Began

A summary, themes, techniques and character analysis of Art Spiegelman’s Maus II This text was our final project in the English Literature lesson at university. Since I and my partner has spent so much effort to write this text from ground up, I have decided to not waste it and also publish it here with … Read more

SAO movie has been released in Turkey, LET’S GO!

Two months after its global debut, the “Sword Art Online -Progressive- Aria of a Starless Night” movie arrives in select Turkish cinemas on December 31, as announced by CGV group. Despite SAO being less popular than recent anime films in Turkey, naxay manages to see it in Antalya during finals week. The film explores Asuna’s backstory and her experiences in the game, diverging from the original series’ narrative. The viewer’s personal journey and the emptiness of the cinema reflect the movie’s lesser appeal, contrasting with its predecessors which had extended runs. Overall, the SAO franchise appears to be complex and the film receives a mixed personal rating.